SCDA – Bereaved by Suicide Support Group

The online group takes place on the final Tuesday of each month via Zoom (6 – 7pm). They also have a face-to-face group due to restart soon in Bexhill (YouNique Wellbeing Studios, 11 Windmill Drive TN39 4DG), this runs the second Wednesday of each month (2:30 -3:45pm).


SCDA understand that here is no time limit on grief and are therefore able to support those recently bereaved as well as those who have been living with the loss for many years. Please contact Kellie Leyton (Bereaved by Suicide Outreach Worker) – / 07542 305 419 / 01273 519108 (for counselling referrals)

Location: Eastbourne Hailsham Hastings Lewes & Havens Rother Wealden
Contact: 07542 305 419
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We’re continually updating this website in light of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic with a list of helpful links for parents.