Ore – fighting, rules and co-operation

A 2 hour workshop that offers parents an opportunity to meet other parents facing some of the same challenges. Get strategies to teach your child to solve problems and manage the times when they lose their cool and fight or become aggressive. For Parents/Carers of children 2-11

Date: Wednesday 19 December, 2018
Time: 10:00 - 12:00
Location: Hastings
Venue: Ore Community Centre, Old London Road, Hastings, UK
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Facilitators: Jo Finnemore
Contact: 01424 725800
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  • This has been a very helpful course-thank you. After a year of post-natal depression, I now feel a lot more confident and happier as a parent. This course is beneficial in numerous ways.

    - Emma, Mum

  • Following on from the strategy you have given me my daughter's behaviour is so much better and tantrums easier to manage. I'm over the moon with your service and just thought I would let you know.

    - Tom, Single dad

  • I thought I had been implementing strategies but I realised I wasn’t doing them effectively or consistently and triple p has highlighted that to me- now I always go over to my child, get down on her level and speak rather than calling or shouting.

    - Fay, Carer

  • Was really great. So much more to it then I realised, I really thought it was going to be stuff I already knew but it was way more than that.

    - Julie, Grandma