Newhaven – Group Triple P 2-12

Group Triple P is a course that will set you up with the full range of Triple P’s positive parenting strategies and will help you understand why your child behaves the way they do. From the start you’ll be given tips and suggestions to fit the needs of your family. There are four session then three phone calls where your practitioner will provide phone support as you put your new skills into practice and then the final session to help you maintain changes and plan for the future

Date: Friday 26 April, 2019 - Friday 14 June, 2019
Time: 9:30 - 11:45
Location: Lewes & Havens
Venue: High Cliff Academy, Newhaven, BN9 9FD
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Facilitators: Julliette Moxom Farrer
Contact: 01424 725800
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  • This has been a very helpful course-thank you. After a year of post-natal depression, I now feel a lot more confident and happier as a parent. This course is beneficial in numerous ways.

    - Emma, Mum

  • Following on from the strategy you have given me my daughter's behaviour is so much better and tantrums easier to manage. I'm over the moon with your service and just thought I would let you know.

    - Tom, Single dad

  • I thought I had been implementing strategies but I realised I wasn’t doing them effectively or consistently and triple p has highlighted that to me- now I always go over to my child, get down on her level and speak rather than calling or shouting.

    - Fay, Carer

  • Was really great. So much more to it then I realised, I really thought it was going to be stuff I already knew but it was way more than that.

    - Julie, Grandma