Education and Home Schooling

Returning to school is vital for children’s education and for their wellbeing. We know that many children and young people are eager to return to school to see their friends, but we completely understand that others will be anxious about going back and being away from their families after spending so long at home. The benefits of being back in school far outweigh the very low risk from coronavirus. The risk to children themselves of becoming severely ill from coronavirus is very low and children transmit the disease less than adults. GOV.UK


East Sussex County Council | 08 March 21

Support to return to Nursery after Lockdown:

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Why it's safe to come back
East Sussex County Council | 08 March 21

Support to return to school

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Support for parents and carers
Abba Freud National Centre for Children and Families | 08 March 21

It’s too early to say what the full impact of coronavirus will be on children and young people’s mental health. We want to support children and young people and their families and together to minimise this impact

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Back to School transition
Family Lives | 08 March 21

As schools start to reopen fully, you and your children may be feeling mixed emotions.

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Support to return to school
Young Minds | 25 August 20

Supporting a child returning to school after lockdown. Our Parents Helpline experts share their tips for supporting a child in the transition back to school life.

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Back to school after lockdown | 08 March 21

Your information portal for young people in East Sussex

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Moving to Secondary School
Parents Zone | 08 March 21

Moving on to secondary school is a huge step for every child. From being the biggest kids in the playground, they are suddenly the smallest in a new and intimidating environment. Uniforms change, routes change, routines change. Everything they know is changing.

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Additional Needs

Daily advice
ISENDEastSussex | 21 April 20

If you would like access to daily advice, support and recommendations for supporting a child or young person with special educational needs at home during Covid school closures, visit the ISEND Facebook pages. ISEND are sharing regular updates from local and national organisations that support SEND as well as mental health and well-being for parent carers and their children.

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| 27 July 20

Contact have been adapting our support offer for families. We’ve adapted our workshops to free online options so you can continue to connect with each other and gain useful information and advice at the same time. We’ve also set up new, “Listening Ear” 1-1 confidential phone appointments with our family support advisers if you would like to talk to someone for reassurance and practical and emotional support at this time.

Listening Ear
COVID -19 Information Pages

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Supporting children with special needs
NSPCC | 21 April 20

Children with special educational needs and disabilities may face lots of changes in their day to day lives because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation. Their routines, regular support and the people they see may all be different now.

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GOV.UK | 24 April 20

Amaze SENDIASS is the Special Educational Needs and Disability Information, Advice and Support Service for East Sussex and Brighton and Hove. The SENDIASS helpline is open Mon-Fri (09:30am – 2:30pm)

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We’re continually updating this website in light of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic with a list of helpful links for parents.