5 – 11 year olds

Our job as parents is to help our children mature into responsible adults. Your Child is now in school and we may need to help our child cope with life’s ups and downs. All parents need a little advice now and then – find out where you can turn for help and support.


Safety needs change once children aren’t within your sight at all times.

Stranger danger

Local: Safe in East Sussex
National: Staying Safe away from Home
Other: What is Stranger Danger

Protection from abuse

Local: Child abuse, neglect and sexualised behaviour
National: Child Abuse and Neglect

5-11 Eating and Nutrition

Your child’s nutrition starts with you. Arm your child with what they need to know to develop healthy eating habits.

Healthy eating

Local: Healthy Eating and Obesity – Health Promotion Resources
National: Eat well
Other: First Steps Nutrition Trust

Picky Eaters

Local: East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust
National: Your Pregnancy and Baby Guide
Other: Fussy eaters | Great Ormond Street Hospital

5-11 School & Learning


The education your child receives will build the groundwork for future success but homework can sometimes feel as daunting for parents as it is for children.

Local: Homework – Family Lives
National: A Parents Guide to Managing Homework
Other  :  BBC – Schools Parents – How to help with primary reading, maths, homework


How can you help your child if you think they’re being bullied?

Local Bullying
National: Bullying UK
Other: Help and advice related to bullying at school and bullying in the workplace

5-11 Health & Hygiene

Childhood illness

Caring for your sick child is among the biggest responsibilities any parent faces.

Local: Help with my NHS
National: Does your child have a serious illness?


Children are generally expected to be ‘dry’ at night by a developmental age of five.

Local: Enuresis or Bed Wetting Clinics
National: Bedwetting
Other: Category Bedwetting

5-11 Behaviour and Discipline

Positive Discipline

It’s not easy to discipline your child but positive discipline techniques will them mature into responsible adults.

Local: Positive Discipline
National: Triple P Positive Parenting
Other: Article Positive Discipline

Spending time with your child

If you worry you are not spending enough time with your children, you can relax. Studies show that it is quality, not quantity, of time that makes children thrive.

Other: Peacefulparent


5-11 Sports and Fitness


Besides enjoying the health benefits of regular exercise, kids who are physically fit sleep better. They’re also better able to handle physical and emotional challenges.

Local: Leisure and Tourism
National: Change4Life
Other: Get Active Sports

5-11 Child Development

Growth and Physical

The early years of a child’s life are very important for their health and development. Parents provide the care that children need to be happy and healthy and to grow and develop well.

Local: East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust
National: Birth to five timeline – Health tools – NHS Choices

Support and advice for a variety of health issues: East Sussex School Health

Developing Independence

National: Helping your child to be independent

5-11 Parenting with Additional Challenges

Single parents LGBT

The family landscape is changing. Research shows that there is no evidence that children raised by single parent or same-sex couples are less competent or well-rounded than other children.

Local: Allsorts Youth Project

5-11 Family Time

Work/life balance

Wherever you are in your life, the overall premise is the same. Work/life balance is the amount of time you dedicate towards your work, versus the other aspects of your life.

Local: How to keep a work-life balance – Family Lives
National: Work-life balance

Food Banks

To get help from a Food Bank start by looking online to see if there are any independent local food banks that you can go to without a referral. If there aren’t any, you’ll need to be sent by someone else. For example by a charity or someone like a GP or social worker.

Local: Money and housing worries
National: Find a Foodbank/

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  • This has been a very helpful course-thank you. After a year of post-natal depression, I now feel a lot more confident and happier as a parent. This course is beneficial in numerous ways.

    - Emma, Mum

  • Following on from the strategy you have given me my daughter's behaviour is so much better and tantrums easier to manage. I'm over the moon with your service and just thought I would let you know.

    - Tom, Single dad

  • I thought I had been implementing strategies but I realised I wasn’t doing them effectively or consistently and triple p has highlighted that to me- now I always go over to my child, get down on her level and speak rather than calling or shouting.

    - Fay, Carer

  • Was really great. So much more to it then I realised, I really thought it was going to be stuff I already knew but it was way more than that.

    - Julie, Grandma