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Being a parent is not always easy. You are not alone if you find it difficult sometimes. But it’s OK. You can talk to us.

If you live in East Sussex and you’re worried about managing your child’s behaviour, supporting their development or their emotional wellbeing or you want support and advice to help build a positive relationship with your child, we can help.

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Stay at home to stop coronavirus spreading. Everyone must stay at home to protect the NHS and save lives across East Sussex.

Education and home schooling

With schools across the county shut for weeks, many parents are finding themselves trying to home-school their children. Here are some useful links to help you to support your child.

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Health and wellbeing

During self-isolation it might feel more difficult than usual to take care of your mental health and wellbeing.

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Parenting and relationships

This pandemic has upended family life around the world. School closures, working from home and social isolation – it’s a lot to navigate for anyone, but especially for parents. Find handy links to help you manage this new normal, including information on how to handle your relationship issues.

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Working from home

If you have a job which is possible to do from your home, you may be working from home a lot more than usual. You might find this situation difficult to get used to. If you have children, you may also need to look after them if they are no longer going to school.

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Benefits and financial advice

The DWP has suspended all face to face appointments at Jobcentres, you should not attend the job centre unless directed to do so for an exceptional purpose. The DWP is aiming to help most people online and over the phone and their online service is working as normal.

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Community services

The spread of coronavirus, and the new lockdown orders may have implications for your community support.

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We’re here to talk.

If you can’t find the information you’re looking for or would simply like to speak to somebody, use the form to right and we’ll put you in touch with a local representative in your area. Please note we are experiencing a high volume of enquiries at the moment and will aim to respond within 48 hours.

From being a new parent and taking care of a baby, to the highs and first milestones, to the lows of toddler tantrums. Your child grows and develops through numerous stages in their first 5 years on their way to being ready for school. Find out more

Help with children 0 – 5

Your Child is now in school and you may need to help them cope with life’s ups and downs. All parents need a little advice now and then, from friendships and loss to dealing with sibling rivalry and encouraging positive behaviour.

Help with children 5 – 11

Parenting teenagers may bring a whole new set of challenges, from sex and relationships to supporting independence. Practical advice on how to deal with some of the most common teen issues can be found in this section.

Help with children 11 – 19

This has been a very helpful course-thank you. After a year of post-natal depression, I now feel a lot more confident and happier as a parent. This course is beneficial in numerous ways.

Emma, Mum

Following on from the strategy you have given me my daughter's behaviour is so much better and tantrums easier to manage. I'm over the moon with your service and just thought I would let you know.

Tom, Single dad

I thought I had been implementing strategies but I realised I wasn’t doing them effectively or consistently and Triple P has highlighted that to me, now I always go over to my child, get down on her level and speak rather than calling or shouting.

Fay, Carer

Was really great. So much more to it then I realised, I really thought it was going to be stuff I already knew but it was way more than that.

Julie, Grandma

We’re continually updating this website in light of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic with a list of helpful links for parents.